Legal Expertise: Why an Attorney is Essential in Securing Social Security Benefits

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If you are seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, then you may think that applying for these benefits is a straightforward process. But you would be wrong. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has strict guidelines and procedures to determine if you are eligible for these benefits, and obtaining them can be a long and arduous process. This blog post will explain why having an attorney who specializes in SSD and SSI cases is essential in securing these benefits.

Knowledge of the Law

Legal experts in SSD and SSI cases have specialized knowledge and experience in disability law. They know the Social Security laws and regulations, and they understand the complex factors that determine eligibility for these benefits. Such attorneys have experience dealing with hundreds of SSD and SSI cases, and they can guide you through the process of obtaining these benefits step-by-step, from your initial application to appealing any denied claims.

Proper Documentation

To obtain SSD and SSI benefits, you will need to submit extensive medical documentation to prove your disability and how it limits your ability to work. An attorney with expertise in disability law knows how to obtain, organize, and present your medical documentation in a way that supports your claim. If you don’t have the right documentation, then it can delay or even prevent the approval of your claim.

Representation at Hearings

If you do file an appeal for denied benefits, then you will need to attend a hearing to testify about your disability and how it affects your ability to work. An attorney with disability law experience can represent you at this hearing to advocate for your claim. They’ll know how to cross-examine medical and vocational experts hired by the SSA, as well as how to argue for your claim to be approved.

No Out-of-Pocket Costs

Attorneys who specialize in SSD and SSI claims work on a contingency basis. They do not charge up-front or out-of-pocket fees. Rather, they charge attorneys’ fees only if your claim is successful and you receive benefits from the SSA. This is a win-win situation because it means that you can obtain legal representation without any financial risk.

Maximizing Your Benefits

An SSD and SSI attorney can help you to maximize your benefits once they are approved. For example, they can ensure that your retroactive payments are calculated correctly and that you receive the full range of benefits that you are entitled to.

For more information, reach out to a social security benefits attorney near you.

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