3 Reasons You Need An Attorney To Deal With Insurance Agents After An Auto Accident

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An auto accident can be a terrifying ordeal, and it's often further complicated by the experience of dealing with insurance companies in subsequent weeks and months. While many people assume that dealing with insurance agents is fairly straightforward, it is actually fraught with risk. In fact, even one small misstep can cause you to lose out on the compensation you rightfully deserve. That's why hiring the services of an auto accident attorney is always a smart move. Take a look below to learn more about three reasons you'll need a lawyer to deal with insurance agents after you've been in an auto accident.

Evaluating Offers

One of the most common tactics used by insurance companies is the low offer. This underhanded strategy is so common because it relies on knowledge and legal context that most individuals lack. After all, most people are likely to accept an offer if they don't know it's low in the first place. That's where an attorney comes in. Their knowledge and expertise allow you to confidently accept fair offers while rejecting the rest, knowing that all your decisions are backed up by previous offers in similar accidents.

Avoiding an Accidental Admission of Guilt

Another reason having an attorney is so important is because they act as a kind of protective legal barrier between you and insurance agents. Many agents will seek to interview you about an accident in the hopes that you will say something about — or produce a written testimony of — the events surrounding the accident. The problem is that even if you are not at fault and are entirely truthful, a single word or phrase can be construed as evidence of guilt. An attorney can help you avoid this risk by speaking to insurance agents on your behalf, and if your testimony is legally required, advising you on what to say and how.

Getting Rid of Stress

Insurance agents are often instructed to be as aggressive as possible in resolving a claim, so those involved in an accident should not be surprised if they're hounded constantly by phone, email, and even in person. Thankfully, by serving as your legal representative, an attorney can rid you of the stress that comes with these repeated attempts at establishing a line of communication. In turn, you can focus on the things that matter most: a complete recovery and a return to normal life. 

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