Three Reasons You Need A Commercial Vehicle Attorney For Your Accident

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If you have been in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you need to contact an attorney who has experience with traffic accidents that involve commercial vehicles. The circumstances surrounding the accident may be different than one invoking two vehicles owned and driven by private parties. The following are three reasons you should seek advice from a commercial vehicle accident attorney.

They can sort out the liability issues

It's not always clear who is financially responsible for your compensation. There are many possibilities. Sometimes it is a fleet of cars or trucks that a business will have insurance on for both the driver and the vehicle, but it may be that the driver is using his or her own vehicle; therefore, the insurance coverage is the driver's responsibility. You often see this when there is a large magnet sign slapped on the door of the car or truck. However, this may not absolve a company of responsibility. There may be state laws regarding verification of sufficient insurance for a private vehicle used for business.

They can help determine fault in the accident

Most accidents with commercial vehicles involve a truck. There are many types of trucks, and each one has its own set of circumstances that can lead to a truck driver causing an accident. Once an attorney hears your version of the accident and reads a copy of the police report, he or she will likely know what happened, given the type of truck that was involved.

They understand the laws and regulations for trucks

There are regulations regarding the operation of trucks. This is true for the truck and the driver of the truck. An attorney will be well versed with the regulations regarding various trucks. A semi-truck will have a different set of rules than a panel truck that is used to transport business supplies within the city. Likewise, with drivers, there are different rules and licensing for a driver of a panel truck and a semi-truck driver. It is quite possible that there were one or more issues with the truck or the driver that led to the accident.

When you are in an accident with a truck and have sustained injuries and/or extensive damage to your vehicle, it is important to seek out attorneys who have experience with commercial vehicle accidents, such as Frenkel & Frenkel. These lawyers understand who is liable for your compensation. They also understand the nature of accidents involving various trucks, along with the regulations for the drivers that operate them. In addition, they have experience negotiating with business attorneys and the insurance companies that underwrite the policies for their fleets.

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