Resolving An Accident-Related Injury Case Involving Two Motorcycles

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When the weather gets warmer, motorcyclists will start using the road more often. When you're on a motorcycle, you are more likely to suffer a catastrophic accident when you collide with a car or truck. However, you might instead crash into another motorcycle and find that you have suffered serious injuries.

Why All Motorcycle Accidents Are Dangerous

Even when you crash into another motorcycle, this accident can be very dangerous because you will have very little protection when falling off your motorcycle. You do not have an airbag or the exterior of a car to protect you. Even falling off at a slow speed can lead to a head injury.

Driving can also become more dangerous because some drivers will become less careful when the roads are less slippery. More drivers may speed while using their motorcycles and might also become distracted by the sun's glare. 

Insurance Coverage

For states that have no-fault insurance, motorcycles will often not be covered because they are typically not classified as motor vehicles. However, you may not be able to seek compensation from the motorcycle's insurance provider unless the motorcycle is carrying at-fault insurance.

The at-fault motorcyclist might have to be held personally liable for any damages you have suffered. While there might be an injury threshold when cars are involved, there is typically no injury threshold with motorcycles. Therefore, you will want to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney about how you might pursue the maximum compensation for your injuries. 

How to Reach a Settlement

You may be able to reach an agreement with the other driver to settle. The driver could choose to pay for your damages directly. However, if you are not able to reach a settlement or if the other motorcyclist makes a promise that they fail to keep, you may need to turn to civil litigation. 

To avoid the need for civil litigation, and to help yourself if you must turn to litigation, you will want to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney. Make sure to document everything and get any agreements that you have with the other party in writing. 

You may find by disputing who is at fault after the accident. Make sure to take photographs of the scene of the accident and contact the police. The more evidence that your motorcycle accident attorney has, the more that your attorney will be able to help you when reaching a settlement. 

Contact a local motorcycle accident lawyer to learn more.

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