How To Seek A Settlement After A Botched Coronary Artery Bypass Procedure

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If blood flow to your heart is blocked, this will lead to a medical emergency and your doctor will need to perform a procedure known as a coronary artery bypass to treat the condition. Unfortunately, some doctors perform actions that deviate from the normal standard of care and this can lead to you suffering damages. You may wonder if you have a reason to sue and you should ask a personal injury attorney.

The Coronary Artery Bypass Procedure

First, you will be sedated. Then, you are hooked up to a heart and lung machine that keeps the blood and oxygen flowing throughout your body. Your surgeon will remove a healthy blood vessel from one area of your body and place it above and below the unhealthy blood vessel. Afterward, the doctor will disconnect the heart and lung machine and will close your chest cavity.

Unfortunately, a variety of complications might occur as a result of your surgery. In some cases, there will be nothing that your doctor could have done to prevent these complications. However, your doctor may have performed an action that would not be considered normal and your personal injury attorney might believe that you have a legal case. 

The Effects of a Botched Coronary Artery Bypass Procedure

After the procedure, you might have a heart attack. You may suffer from cognitive issues or you may develop an infection. Many patients suffer from permanent heart damage or might pass away. You may suffer damages such as:

  • Increased medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

You will be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering if your personal injury attorney is able to prove that your doctor did not take actions that a doctor in a similar position would take and deviated from the standard of care. These decisions must have lead to your damages. Then, you will begin the process of seeking a settlement.

Errors Your Doctor Might Have Made

Several things can go wrong including a failure to monitor vital signs before or during surgery, anesthesia errors that may lead to brain damage, an angioplasty error, or even the leaving of foreign objects in the chest cavity. 

To prove that your doctor was negligent, your personal injury attorney will need to gather information regarding what occurred during your surgery and will also need to work with an expert witness to build a case for why you deserve compensation.

If you think you have a case or simply want more information, reach out to a personal injury lawyer near you.

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