Portable Heaters Are One Of The Most Common Causes Of Fire-Related Injuries

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You may feel like your bedroom is not warm enough and you might decide to place a portable heater in your room while you sleep. Then, you wake up in the middle of the night to discover that your room is on fire because the portable heater ignited an out-of-control fire. If you suffer burn injuries due to smoke inhalation or from the flames themselves, you may want to speak with a personal injury attorney after you have recovered in the hospital. 

How Portable Heaters Work

An electrical current allows a heating element to generate heat. The heated air is then blown upward by a fan. The portable heaters that overheat will most often have a problem with temperature control. They will become too hot and the housing of the unit melts and begins to combust. To reduce the risk of overheating, most portable heaters come with a list of things you shouldn't do such as placing the heater too close to furniture. However, these steps will do nothing to prevent fires that are the result of a manufacturing defect. 

Fires resulting from manufacturing defects often result from the portable heater being used for an extended period of time. However, there are some cases where the portable heater might overheat regardless and you'll need help from a personal injury attorney and a witness who can testify to how the fire resulted from the manufacturing defect.

Safety Features

Portable heaters often have safety features put in place that are designed to prevent the heater from starting a fire. For example, they often come with grills that prevent the heater from coming in contact with objects that could easily catch on fire. They also come with sensors meant to cause the heater to shut off after it tilts over. However, if a manufacturer fails to put these safety measures in place, they may be held responsible for the fire and a personal injury attorney might argue that you have a legal case.

Manufacturer Liability

A manufacturer has a duty of care to create a product that does not place the consumer at risk. If you are able to prove that the manufacturer breached the duty of care and if you can prove that you suffered damages as a result, you have the right to seek compensation for your damages to make you whole again. To begin this process, you will want to speak immediately with a personal injury attorney. Contact a company, such as Eisdorfer, Eisdorfer & Eisdorfer for more information. 

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