Reasons To Hire A Birth Defect Attorney

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If you or your child has been injured during childbirth, you may be able to file a claim and receive a settlement for a wrongful injury, wrongful death, or compensation for any birth defects that occurred. Some birth defect attorneys can help you with each step of the process so that you have the best chances of correct compensation for your injuries and your best interests are represented in court. There are numerous reasons to hire an attorney to represent you, including the following. 

Cesarean Delivery Delays

It's vitally important that a medical professional know when cesarean delivery is required. This type of birth is often faster and can cause less stress to the fetus than a vaginal delivery. Delaying this decision can put the fetus at risk of injury, causing issues with the heart, circulation, or breathing. Expedited delivery can help limit injury to the fetus and eliminate fetal distress while delaying a response can lead to a severe birth injury or birth defect. 

Dangerous Medications

There are numerous medications that can be prescribed during pregnancy. Some of them are generally recognized as safe for the fetus, while others are far riskier. If a doctor prescribes a medication that harms a fetus, knowingly, there may be a case for malpractice. A birth defect attorney can help you determine the circumstances under which the medication was prescribed, help you determine if you're eligible for a settlement, and help you work through the steps to work towards a claim. They'll also help you gather any necessary information from your pharmacy and documentation about your doctor's visits.

Forceps Injuries

Occasionally, during a vaginal delivery, the infant will become wedged in the birth canal. In some of these situations, a forceps delivery becomes necessary, and in some of these deliveries, birth injuries occur. A forceps delivery requires special skill in order to avoid damage to the infant's head and brain. If your child has experienced a birth injury during a forceps delivery, a birth injury attorney may be able to help you obtain the settlement you deserve.  If you've experienced an injury during the birth process, it may be wise to contact a birth defect lawyer near you. These skilled professionals can listen to the details of your specific situation and advise you about how to proceed. They can help you gather any information that you need, and can represent you in any legal proceedings. Call a local attorney today to learn more about how they can assist you. Some companies, like Cooney and Conway, know how important this is.

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