Mental Health Consequences Of A Motorcycle Accident To Watch Out For

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When you have been in a motorcycle accident, you may experience numerous obvious physical injuries. However, the mental pain and injuries you experience are just as important, especially if you have hired a motorcycle attorney to help you with your personal injury lawsuit. You should be compensated for any mental pain you have after such a major, life-changing event. Get to know some of the mental health issues you might struggle with after a motorcycle accident. Then, you can be sure you discuss the with your motorcycle accident lawyer right away to get them included in your case. 


Depression is one of the most common mental health issues that you can face after being in a motorcycle accident. If you were seriously injured and basically bed-ridden for weeks or months, it can be difficult to stay bright and positive, and instead you may slip into a dark, negative head space. 

Sometimes, you cannot bring yourself out of this depression on your own. If you are feeling lethargic, sleeping too much or having trouble sleeping, or feeling helpless, hopeless, or worthless, you likely are experiencing depression.

You should contact a doctor immediately to discuss these symptoms and figure out which treatment option is right for you. Just talking about it can help but oftentimes, additional treatments are necessary. 

Once your doctor diagnoses you with depression (or another mental health condition) related to your accident, you should discuss the situation with your attorney as well. Let them know who your doctor is, what they said, and what treatments they recommended. Your lawyer will have you sign a release form to access your medical records related to the accident to use in your lawsuit. 


Anxiety is another common reaction that people have after being in a motorcycle accident. You may, for example, be scared to get back on a motorcycle or to drive at all. If and when you try to do so, you might become overwhelmed, experiencing a racing heart, shortness of breath, sweating, and more. This is a form of panic (known as a panic or anxiety attack) and can be life-altering if it continues for more than a few days even. 

If you are experiencing any of those symptoms or you have extreme fear and worry in general following your accident, you may have a problem with anxiety. Your primary care doctor can diagnose this condition as well and help you find treatments and coping strategies to deal with it. 

Knowing these potential mental health consequences of a motorcycle accident, you can be sure to get the help you need if they affect you. And remember to discuss all of this with your lawyer when you are feeling mentally well enough to do so in order to get compensation for your mental anguish following your accident. 

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