How To Have A Suspended License Reinstated After A DUI

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After a drunk driving accident, one of the challenges you might face is that your driver's license may be revoked. For some workers, losing a driver's license is catastrophic. You may be unable to work as a result or you may need to turn to expensive alternative forms of transportation, such as ridesharing. However, a driver's license revocation after a drunk driving accident is rarely permanent and you may be back on the road after you take the right steps. 

Contact the DMV

You may usually request that your driver's license be reinstated at the DMV or online. If you are denied, the DMV will provide you with the reasons why you are not eligible for having your driver's license reinstated. There might be a period in which you'll have to wait until you are eligible. However, there's no reason to not contact the DMV to request that your license be reinstated. 

The amount of time that your driver's license will be suspended is often based on how many prior drunk driving offenses you have had and the severity of the case. For example, if you committed other crimes while driving drunk, your license may be suspended for longer. 

Request a Hearing

Some states may require that you attend a DUI hearing and present your case for why your license should be reinstated. There is often a time limit and you will not be eligible for a hearing after it passes. Request discovery so you may gather evidence to support your case. Your DUI hearing is one step where you may benefit from a drunk driving attorney.

Pay the Restoration Fee

You will usually need to pay a restoration fee. Make sure to find out the method of payment that is the fastest. For example, you might need to provide an identification number to expedite the processing. 

Because of how difficult it can be to not have a driver's licensee, you should always speak with a drunk driving attorney if you are involved in an accident. There are often ways that you can have your charges reduced or dropped. Then, you may avoid having your driver's license revoked in the first place.

Don't Drive with a Suspended License

Do not drive if your license is still suspended. Otherwise, you may be arrested for driving on a suspended license and may face further penalties such as fines and jail time. Your license might be suspended for even longer.

For more information, reach out to a local drunk driving attorney

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