4 Things You Need To Do If You Suspect Medical Negligence

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As a patient, you trust your doctors to take care of you and to provide you with adequate care. Luckily, this happens most of the time. However, sometimes doctors fail to provide the level of care that they should. When a doctor fails to perform their duties, they can legally be held responsible for medical neglect. If you think you are a victim of medical neglect, there are some steps you need to take right away.

Step #1: Get Your Medical Records

First, ask your doctor for your medical records. Although under no circumstances should your doctor alter your medical records, when you think that your doctor didn't treat you as they should have, you want to get those records as soon as possible to prevent any possible tampering. Your doctor is obligated to provide you with at least a copy of your medical records, although you may need to fill out some paperwork to request your records.

Step #2: Get A New Doctor

Your health is important. If you don't think you are being treated correctly, you need to find another medical provider right away. Ask for a recommendation for a new doctor directly from your health insurance company. Once you find your new doctor, you can explain to them your medical situation, and ask them to review and adjust your care.

Step #3: Document Your Journey

It is important to document your medical journey. Try to write down all your visits and interactions you had with your doctor. The more details and information you can recall, the better. You can also write down and go over the way that your improper medical treatment impacts your physical and emotional health and well-being.

Step #4: Get Legal Help

Proving medical neglect is a serious business and not something you should try to do on your own. You need to contact an attorney who works in this field of law to assist you with gathering information and documentation and using that to build a case. It will take time to research and build your case, but it is worth it to get compensation and make sure another patient is not put in a similar situation. 

If you suspect you are a victim of medical neglect, get your formal medical records, write down your experiences, find a new doctor, and get legal help with reviewing your case. These types of cases are time sensitive, so it is important that you take action right away, and don't sit on this information for too long. 

For more information, reach out to a medical negligence attorney.

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