Tips To Get Approved For Social Security Disability On Your First Try

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Suddenly experiencing a major accident or other incident that leaves you seriously injured will obviously turn your world upside down. If there is no coming all the way back from the injury and you will be disabled for the rest of your life, you are likely feeling even more down and out at the moment. But thankfully, the government provides a program that allows individuals like you to receive some financial compensation so you can move towards living a normal life again.

Filing for Social Security Disability and actually getting your application approved are two very different things. This process has a reputation for being notoriously complex and there may be a lot of paperwork to go over and file. If you want to get your Social Security Disability claim approved on the first try, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Be Honest and Don't Exaggerate

Since your payout may depend on just how badly you are injured or disabled, some people may feel the need to try and embellish their condition on the application. This is an absolutely terrible idea 100 percent of the time. Even if you have medical records to support most of your claims, the person that reviews your application will likely reach out to your doctor for clarification or further information. If it becomes clear that you were not honest on the application, this could get your application denied and it could also result in legal repercussions depending on exactly what you said and how far it was from the truth. Be straightforward and stick to the facts for the best results.

Ask Your Doctor for Additional Medical Records or a More Clear Account

Doctors are usually willing to help patients with disabilities when the time comes to apply for Social Security Disability. But sometimes you might not get a complete copy of your records. Doctors are also sometimes known for having terrible handwriting or giving an account filled with medical jargon that isn't easy to understand. Make sure you have all applicable records to submit before you apply. Ask the doctor to write a letter detailing your condition in layman's terms and then submit this letter alongside the records.

Don't Apply Without a Lawyer

For best results, you need someone on your side who already knows what this process is like. A Social Security law firm can double check your application and make sure everything is correct before you send it in. Contact a local attorney today for more information

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