Sources Of Evidence For Strengthening An Auto Accident Claim

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When pursuing an auto accident case, the available evidence determines whether you can win the case, and how much damages you can get. Below are the major sources of evidence you can use.


Testimonies from various parties can go a long way in strengthening your case; below are of the parties whose testimonies can help.

Parties Involved

These include drivers of other cars, passengers in the cars, and other victims (such as pedestrians). For example, a passenger can testify as to what another driver was doing just before the accident.

The Police

The police will testify on what they found at the scene of the accident when they arrived. They can help prove, say, that the other driver was intoxicated.

Medical Personnel

The medical personal include the first responders who arrived at the accident scene, the emergency staff, and other attending physicians. They can testify about your injuries, behavior, and prognosis, among other things.


Eyewitnesses are those who were at the scene of the accident but were not involved in the accident. A pedestrian who saw a car swerve at the last minute, a jogger who saw a car without headlights at dusk, or a guard who saw a car run a red light can all be eyewitnesses.

Accident Scene

The accident scene can also yield a wealth of information about the accident. Skid marks, damaged guard rails, and shattered glass are all sources of evidence after a car crash. The location of the accident scene can also be crucial. For example, a hilly location can prove that poor visibility was a contributing factor to a car crash.


Documentary evidence comes in the form of documents. They include things like:

Police Report

The police report contains facts about the accident. It may also contain a preliminary report on the liability for the crash.


Paystubs come into question when calculating lost wages and future income.

Medical Reports

Medical damages are some of the biggest damages when it comes to auto accident claims. The reports will detail the cost of your treatment, nature of the injury, prognosis, and many other things. You may also need past medical records to exclude preexisting conditions from your current claim.


You can use photographs of the accident scene and injuries in your claim. The photographs will confirm your injuries and car damages. Some photographs can also elicit emotional appeal from the court that might help in winning the court to your side of the story (especially in a jury trial).

To learn more about auto accident court cases, contact an auto accident lawyer in your area.

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